The three of us during this summer

The three of us during this summer

I realised today that perhaps someone could read this blog or check out the website and not have a clue who I am, or my family! So apologies for that! It was easy to assume this was another Irish Tale for those whom we normally write to!

Well, my name is Grant Crowe, and I have been the vicar of St John’s since August last year (2007). I’m married to Jolanda and we have a fab little boy called Callum. We moved to Telford from the mighty brewing capital of Burton-on-Trent, where I was the curate (trainee vicar!) at All Saints with Christchurch. Good church All Saints – very recommended if you are looking for a church in Burton. Good vicar, good people, warm and friendly, outward looking, children and youth work, evangelical, charismatic, in an area where parts of it is struggling economically. What we experienced in Burton would actually, as I think about it, be some of my aspirations for any church I would help lead. Jolanda and I were married in Burton – another reason for good memories! And Callum was born in Burton – a third great reason! We’ll have to take him back there when he is older and show him – you were born in this town! Laugh!

Before Burton? I was training as a vicar at Cranmer Hall, St John’s College, in Durham – good training place with some great people. It didn’t try to fit you into a certain vicar peg hole, but allowed you some room for developing and discovering what your passions are as a Christian. What your SHAPE is, as Rick Warren would put it.

But originally originally I am from Northern Ireland, from the great market town of Cookstown in Co Tyrone. It’s a town that seems to be an hour’s travel from anywhere! I left N.Ireland in 1992 to study at Keele University and have been away ever since, though my family are still there.

So that is a bit who I am as vicar and little about our family! When we were appointed to St John’s in Lawley, I was also appointed vicar of St Leonard’s Malinslee, another Anglican church about 10minutes drive from St John’s. So two churches for one vicar – quite common in many Church of England settings. Our appointment has an initial 7 years commitment and after that, we wait and see what God may be saying through the churches, the senior leader and to ourselves! Bye!