My first post and it is a beautiful day outside but you can feel that autumn / winter is around! Things in transition!
Thinking about transition times is quite relevant for now. Only last week we had Harvest Festivals organised by Lawley Primary School here at St John’s. The classes did such a great job, and loads of parents turned up to see their children. But as people perhaps visit the church for the first time, there is the hope that they will sense it is a special place where God is worshipped.

But then this week I have been thinking, or have been in conversations about about remembrance services, about Operation Christmas Child which asks people to create shoeboxes for children in poor countries, and about Advent – an interchurch service on November 30th and a 4 week course being run by different church leaders. And on Tuesday, at the Church Council, we had to discuss the Christmas service structures and the leaflets we had to produce so people can know what is going on. Transitions – things coming and going, and planning for the future. Church work can be multi-dimensional at times!