Sunday 6th September – 4pm – Evensong with Holy Communion – led by our choir, (60-70 minutes)

Saturday 12th September – 4pm – Evening Prayer to finish our Open Church Day as we celebrate our 150th. 30 minute long service.

Sunday 13th September -1030am – Holy Communion – led by Bishop Mark Rylands – as we worship together celebrating the 150 years of St Johns.


Holy Communion
Some words to describe our worship? We use Anglican / Church of England liturgy. We would sing traditional and modern hymns supported by an organ and choir. The service involves hymn books and service booklets. There is a children’s play area the the back of our church with toys and books and crayons and play mat and a member of our church will do some activities with the children. After our worship together, there are refreshments.
Every Sunday except for the third Sunday of each month. Worship begins at 9:15 am, lasting for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Morning Worship
Every third Sunday at 9:15 am for 1 hour. Followed with Coffee.



We are a popular church for baptisms (also known as christenings). We hold these usually on the first Sunday of each month at 9.15am. There is more information on this website how to enquire about having your child or baby baptised.


We also have occasional joint services – 3-4 a year – with St Leonards in Malinslee.

And we are running 3-4 traditional evensongs with communion across the year. These will appear on our website as they approach…