Parenting Children Course

Hi everyone,

We offer a parenting course here at St John’s for all parents and carers of children aged 0-10 years old.

It is a course which is about investing in our families, about becoming better parents, and learning from other parents who may be in the same position or facing the same challenges as us.

It has a mixture of dvd input, talking in groups with fellow parents and carers, and has some practical tasks to take home and think about using.

Our pilot course was run last November – December, and we ran our first course with 7-8 mums in February – March this year.

You can see the flyer we used to advertise the Spring course. It was run in Parenting Course posterSt Leonards Church in partnership with that church.

We have not decided when we will run our next course. However we will make a decision this autumn. If you’d like to know more, or be kept informed when the next course will be, do contact us.




Contact details to know more:

Samantha Williams – 07401 384148

Parenting Children Course promo



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