St John the Evangelist, Churchyard Regulations

Our church and churchyard

Our church and churchyard

A churchyard is a place where we come and remember loved ones, often with deep pain in our hearts, but at other times thankful for the times we shared, the love we received, and for the memories we have.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ was placed in a grave, but returned to life again three days later, and he gives us hope. A churchyard is therefore a place of memory and also hope – this place is not the end for our loved ones who believe in Christ, there is life to come…

We have certain Church of England rules to enable our churchyards to be places of beauty and comfort for those who visit.

  • No kerbs, railings, fencing or chippings may be used around the headstone or the memorial tablet.
  • Dark grey/black granite headstones or memorial tablets are no longer permitted, (this was a recent change of Diocese churchyard regulation)
  • No free-standing vases, flower pots or other containers may be used. Flowers can only be placed in the vase within the headstone.
  • Photographs are not allowed as part of churchyard memorials
  • No other tributes e.g. toys, wind chimes, photographs, lanterns or ornaments may be placed with the headstone.
  • It will be the responsibility of the family to remove any dead leaves, plants and dispose of them
  • Fortunately we have our own church black bins for dead flowers, refuse etc. These are located at the churchyard entrance by the road. Please feel free to use them. There is also a water tap on the church wall as you come up the church drive – do feel free to use that.
  • Christmas Wreaths and Remembrance Day poppies should be removed within four weeks.
  • Whilst the Church does whatever it can to protect the Churchyard area the Vicar and Churchwardens cannot accept responsibility for any vandalism by people or damage by local animals caused to the plants, memorials etc in the churchyard.

One Response to “Our Churchyard”

  1. Shirley Davies Says:

    Hello, I have been reading your churchyard regulations and wish that the cemetery in my town had the same rules. It looks more like a grotto sometimes. My great grandparents were married in Lawley in the 1880’s
    that’s why I was looking it up. I wondered what it was like.

    Good luck to you all. I hope to get my son to bring me one day and take some photos to put in my file.

    Thank you

    Shirley Davies

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