We have a church hall at the bottom of our church grounds. Church Hall

It is available for hire by community groups, by individuals for a one off booking and a regular commitment.

Our contact mobile to inquire and to book the church hall is : 07928 831 415.

We have had all sorts use our hall – Expert Patient Programme, indoor bowls, Women’s Institute, Zumba fitness, music groups practicing, attic sales, birthday parties, wakes, craft fair, bible study courses such as the Alpha Course, one off community gatherings such as neighbourhood groups / resident groups, christening parties etc etc.

The hall can hold up to 100 standing, 80 seated and has chairs & tables, it is centrally heated with toilets and a fully-kitted out kitchen. There are road signposts indicating where the hall is. Do contact us to know more or to have a look around. There is an on site car park.

Our church hall is a community resource and we love to have it used as much as possible.

We are coming to the end of our church hall refurbishment – and boy does the hall look great inside and outside.  So, if you have used the hall in the past, do arrange to have a look when considering a new booking to see what has been improved.

We would love also to hear any views you have on other activities which the church hall could be used for or things you would like to see included within the building. Do use our contact form to send us any ideas or input.



4 Responses to “Church Hall”

  1. Jo Jones Says:


    I’m looking for a hall for my 4year olds birthday party in August. How much do you charge to hire the hall per hour?

    Jo Jones

  2. Kim Says:

    Hi there
    I was just wondering if you hire out your hall, I am a local fitness instructor and was looking to set up some classes in the new year. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Best regards

  3. Karen Knowles Says:

    How much do you charge for hire please. This would be a regular music class for babies and toddlers. Thanks

  4. Diane Says:

    Is your hall available on Friday evenings, say betwee 7-9pm. Thanks

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